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CP_Bandier_03Who even wears jeans anymore? I kid, but seriously we all know the activewear trend is alive, kicking and is spreading rampantly across the globe. I am hard pressed to find a reason to NOT wear leggings in my everyday life, teaching classes, working out, running after 8 year olds and writing/working on music from home at my computer.

I will always remember something I read about productivity, can’t recall where, but one of the tips this article offered for people working from home was to change out of pjs, get ready and dressed in something “presentable,” as if you were going into work. I couldn’t agree more, but in my world wearing awesome leggings, a comfortable sports bra and a stretchy seamless top to make me feel like a 100 bucks, helps motivate me to not only kick ass in my workouts and classes, but also in my every day life.

So you can imagine how hard I fell for this insane fitness fashion mecca of a store called Bandier (two locations in New York and of course, their online marketplace). I often have to hold myself back from going in because the selection is so incredibly curated that there is no way I’m getting out without finding something to fall in love with (other than their sales girls).

So all this to say, I’m thrilled and honored to be one of their ambassadors! In this role, I can share with you my 15% discount CHRISTIANNE15 (use it online or in their store) and I’ll be plugging, posting and otherwise sharing all my favorite pieces and new arrivals in case you need a little athletic retail therapy as well 😉 I mean, who doesn’t?!?

Now go have fun at

Side story, I would say that my favorite purchase of all time are the K Deer black/grey stripped leggings in the top picture above. I had a pretty bad accident the other day, riding my bike into the city to teach (wearing said leggings) and literally got hit by a massive truck. I fell, rolled out of the way and the truck ran OVER and totaled my bike. Anyway, I’ll spare you any more details, the point is: despite my cuts, scrapes, bruises and other injuries my leggings survived the accident without a snag, tear or rip. This has got to be a sign from above……..;) #worldsbestleggings #armor #bandierbabes #bandierfit

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