Barry’s Bootcamp double teaming on Miami

Barry’s Bootcamp Midtown Miami just opened and pretty much killed it. Their second location, this time in the design district of my new hometown, opened their doors yesterday morning. I took their very first 8AM class with Master Instructor and Co-Owner Derek DeGrazio. Not that I’m playing favorites or anything, but I was pretty impressed with the whole situation.

Before I write any more about this brand new studio, let me tell you this: BBC is very good for my body image.

CP @ opening day with someone's ass shot
CP @ opening day with someone’s ass shot

I don’t know if its the red lights, magically flattering mirrors or all the sexy sweaty endorphins pouring out of (up to) 50 strangers pushing boundaries together that does it. Likely its all of the above. Suffice to say, I feel like a million $ rockstar during and especially after a sesh up in that joint.

The opening of a second location came as no surprise to me. From the minute I landed here in the 305 this summer, Barry’s first location in Miami Beach has been on my workout rotation. This studio is a THING here, I mean I’ve overheard ladies in the bathroom at the SoHo House planning their next class together. I’ve noticed very well attended classes and, most importantly, I’ve loved every single instructor I’ve had. From being a Barry’s regular in NYC, I showed up with high expectations. Barry’s Miami has turned out to be the only boutique where I knew without fail, that I was going got get a safe, extremely effective, body-changing, music-centric, exciting and bananas fun experience working out. Midtown location lives up to the brand’s strong rep.


Upon entering I was struck by the sleek and beautiful reception area. There was plenty of staff on hand, to be expected on opening day. I’m happy to say that there is pretty much NO pretension at this place; unnecessary attitude is a HUGE turn off for me, especially in the boutique fitness scene. The staff is not only uber efficient and helpful, but they give off a warm vibe (so refreshing).  Since I usually make my own pre/post workout meals, I haven’t tried much from their fuel bar, but it all looks inventive, healthy and yummy (Manager JoJo below showing off a new “bowl” among a few of their new offerings).

JoJo showing off a Derek Skinny Bowl
JoJo showing off a Derek Skinny Bowl

While I didn’t go there to shop, the retail section looked sexy and fun; next visit will likely snag a silky gray tank I’ve been eyeing. The whole place is spacious and comfortable to navigate, including the women’s lockeroom and shower area. I have a feeling a lot of the immediate locals will be running home to shower/change, but its nice to have their fairly luxurious facilities.

As I mentioned earlier, at least for me, instructors are nearly everything. I will follow my favorite ones to a hole in the wall, as long as they are teaching. To be fair, my first class at Midtown was taught by their top dog (more on him below) and I have not taken classes with any of their newest crop of instructors, all trained and brought on board to help round out the studios’ schedules and respond to the brand’s rising popularity down here in South Florida.

On to the class. I really need not say more than that Derek is a pro – but obviously I will.  He is Master Instructor and Co-owner of the Miami franchise. It is crystal clear from being in just a minute of his class that he lives and breathes this brand. He is passionate about the entire workout and it really shows in his teaching style. He uses peoples name (omg thank you), corrects form (omg thank you again) and motivates the room with his authentic energy (hallelujah). I loved that for the first class to open the studio, he didn’t just do a full body day, he instead “previewed”  Monday’s Arms, Tuesday’s Butt & Legs and Wednesday’s Chest, Back and Abs with each of the three floor segment in class. Despite the varied workout, I still woke up crazy sore this morning. If Derek trains his newbies to instruct with his passion, enthusiasm and motivation, yet ensures they bring their own flavor to the Barry’s mix, its bound to be a win-win.

So yeah, you could say I’m a fan. I will likely make the trip to the Midtown location here and there to take classes with some of my favorite instructors, but I’m also looking forward to trying out the newbies in my hood over on good ‘ol Purdy Ave.

Julie and James (aka Barry’s Fitfam) with me in the middle! Best place to be 😉

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