I write this while I’m simultaneously jumping up and down with excitement and doing a little dance to one of my mixed class playlists. Multi-tasking is my thing!!

I’m less than a month away from jetting off to Berlin, Germany to help get BECYCLE, a brand new boutique fitness studio, off the ground and spinning (sorry I couldn’t help myself with that one). The boutique fitness scene is in its infancy over there in Europe. Well, not entirely – London has several hugely popular studios and Paris just got Let’s Ride; but Berlin is NEXT with BECYCLE’s open! I couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of it. It was meant to be – I’m half German! Little known fact: while both my parents immigrated from Chile to Boston before I was born, my dad is 110% German, so hopefully the Berlin crowd will get me and my…..ways 😉

Back to the studio. Truth be told, I’ve been talking to the studio co-owners for years. They found yours truly back when I was living in and working the NYC fitness scene. Timing is everything as they say; shortly after I moved to Miami, I officially came on board as their Creative Fitness Consultant and we’ve been working together remotely ever since. I’ve designed their cycling method and I’ll be in Berlin late May for about three weeks to lead an intensive teacher training course to get their instructors well versed in our method and their DJ’s adept in producing music for classes. Lucky me, I also get to guest instruct for their first opening week! Anyone who has ever been to my classes knows that energy and love is usually pouring out of me, so can you imagine what I’ll unleash now that its been nearly a year since I’ve been on that podium?!? #B.A.N.A.N.A.S

But let’s chat about music for a hot second. I’m obsessed and so is Berlin! Another meant to be. This city could quite possibly have the world’s hottest music scene right now. The BECYCLE founders were drawn to me, in part, because of how I’ve used and produced music in my classes. For more info on that, check out my Legitmix playlists and blog post.

What would a girl be without a crew? Back in early January, the BECYCLE fam flew this powerhouse of a woman, trainer, mother, instructor and inspiration, Alex Hipwell, over to NYC to meet and work with me. We spent a week together sweating our asses off (and I got another tattoo). Alex will be one of their Lead Instructors and I can’t imagine anyone more incredible to take the studio to its glory. While Alex will be primarily in charge of the “Refine” room, including classes like barre, yoga and pilates, another amazing individual from my past will be Alex’s counterpart for the “Ride” room, where cycling magic will take place. Yes, I will take TOTAL credit for hooking up BECYCLE with this hot mama who I cannot name quite yet. She will be starting her residency with the studio as soon as I arrive and I’m beside myself with anticipation to see her. Of course, as much as I would love to spend more than three weeks with the Berlin studio, my life and my loves are in Miami, so mama will be coming home eventually.

The point of this post? Just to tell you what I’ve been up to and perhaps to get you to fly over to Germany to take a class with us. I’m also looking forward to doing more work in my 305 homebase. I’m planting some seeds and growing roots here in Miami – that’s all I can say for now.

OH, and I even got a Florida driver’s license! licenseThat’s commitment.


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