With Christianne Phillips, what you see is what you get. Authentic, direct, motivating and energetic, Christianne brings an unparalleled passion to every facet of her life. Whether she’s producing events, creating programs & vetting instructors for a new studio, mixing playlists, curating music for upscale boutiques, counseling clients on lifestyle choices, or teaching fitness classes, Christianne draws on her varied background as a producer, fitness instructor & trainer, writer, former dancer and DJ, to create engaging experiences that inspire people to go beyond their best.

Early on in her career, an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Wesleyan University and a Masters in Journalism from Columbia University prepared Christianne to be one of the rare performing artists capable of blending mastery of craft with strategic communication skills. Prior to moving back to New York City, she worked as a live event producer for a number of high-profile charities and organizations in the D.C. metro area, continually impressing audiences with her ability to support innovative, staged performances with relentless attention to detail. It was during this time that Christianne turned her passion for music, movement and fitness into a career.

Born in Boston to Chilean physicians, Christianne’s multicultural background informs and enriches her spirited approach to mind and body wellness. An avid home chef and lifestyle blogger, Christianne is a passionate believer in holistic health management who champions balanced eating as an aid in the realization of fitness and life goals.

Masterful DJ skills, an indefatigable work ethic and an extreme love of life garnered Christianne a loyal following as Revolve Fitness’ Creative Director & Master Instructor and at Flywheel Sports. Since leaving her posts at the studios and the NYC fitness scene, she is thrilled to have moved to her new home in Miami Beach, Florida where she is focusing on music production and freelance writing. Christianne is also consulting to boutique studios cross the country, DJ’ing, and training privately in fitness and overall health management. In 2006, Christianne gave birth to identical twin boys, making the role of “mother” her most physically demanding and spiritually fulfilling performance credit to date.

In the summer of 2015, Christianne made a authentically vintage Art Deco house her home on the Venetian Islands in Miami with her twin boys, husband and Pitbull rescue, Olivia.


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