New Music Favorites

I've been taking a bit of break from music mixing since moving to my new home in Miami Beach this summer, but that's all about to change! Stay tuned here and on SM for a new CP music project coming soon. In the meantime, here are a few new Continue Reading →

Pool Party Playlist

I couldn't resist putting together a few tracks that I would want to hear lounging by the pool in my new Miami beach home!! Ahhhhh, still kinda freaking out that I'm leaving NYC for a year. I keep on chanting "change is good, change is good....." Continue Reading →

Monday Music

Consistency is not really my thing when it comes to posting my blogs and music. I know I KNOW I have just get it up there, and I'm trying! With that intention (and it all starts there right?) I'm going to do my best to post a Monday Music Continue Reading →

Cutting Room Playlist

I listen to and download a ton of tracks that I love, but don't end up using in my Flywheel classes. I'm extremely particular about how I piece together my mixes and not all work for the ride, either that or they'll get me in trouble (see track Continue Reading →

Let Me Love You Playlist

Can't think of a better way to celebrate this complicated Valentines Day than by throwing a huge dinner party, surrounding myself with friends, these tunes and of course: pouring a lot of wine and serving up the most decadent, rich, gooey, thick, Continue Reading →

Winter Wonderland Playlist

A few of my favorites this season. Other than being released this winter, there's no particular rhyme or reason to this playlist, just music I'm feeling and moving around to: Continue Reading →

UNDO X CP: Its Going Up Mix

UNDO asked me to make a lil mix for their quarterly magazine and I said "hell yeah ladies." Playing off their light, uplifting theme of the monthly edition, I started this “Its Going Up (on a...) Mix” with some electronic Continue Reading →

Hip Hop Another Way: Ready for Round TWO

My anticipation to get back into the studio has been building slowly to the point now that my ass is begging for it! I seriously miss teaching. One of my favorite themes for classes in the past have been my Hip Hop reworked rides. While I'll Continue Reading →

Remixes of #TBT Tracks You Might Know

From years of teaching dance and fitness, I know first hand just how powerful a motivator music can be, especially when its music that you know and love. My people just cannot get enough of remixes of familiar tracks, so for this #TBT playlist, Continue Reading →


Just put up a new SoundCloud playlist, link below. I pulled together some favorite #TBT tracks that sound and feel like today in NYC: rainy, gray and cold. Not sure if I'm the only one who actually likes gloomy weather here and there. Appreciating Continue Reading →

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