I make a huge batch of this stuff and keep it in the fridge for almost a week. I throw it on my kale salad (with a fried egg or another protein like chicken) use it as a side dish for dinner or just eat a few spoonfuls straight up for a perfect Continue Reading →


About as much as I get asked this question: "Can you tell your twins apart?" (OMG, really? I am their MOTHER!) I get asked: "What do you eat?" Springtime always gets everyone all excited to get on a workout/clean-up-the-diet kick. Continue Reading →


Yes, Kale has been having a moment....for good reason. In my opinion, it is best raw and accessorized with other veggies. I usually throw whatever I have on top (sliced almonds, roasted veggies, hard boiled egg or cut up cooked chicken). My Continue Reading →

made granola and pimped it out

I made a big ol batch of granola, gave it to the winner of my trivia constest, Monica, who is a REGULAR Wednesday night rider. I also gifted it in mason jars to a few other people (my tattoo artist and a neighbor). My boys and I have been eating Continue Reading →

Mash-Up Meal

Inspired by all the ridicuous mash-ups I've been hearing in fitness studios and gyms (the best of 2012 15 minute mash-up is enough to make me dizzy) i made my very own original mash-up chicken stew last night that turned out significantly better Continue Reading →

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