Bite Me

    I made these Energy "Bites"** for my endurance riders at Revolve this past weekend and they were such a massive hit that I made another batch for my Monday night hotties (who were on FIRE, as in energy through the roof, thanks Continue Reading →


  What the f*$k do I make for a bunch of people who use their bodies for a living exercising more than we care to divulge and scathed in tiny pieces of clothing on display in front of hundreds of NYC’ers on a daily basis? When I Continue Reading →

seafood stew with deep dark vegetables

  This is my favorite time of the year to cook. The weather is usually perfect to take time selecting ingredients at the farmers market in Union Square, in season produce is just a tad bit hardier and I love staying in to warm up our Continue Reading →


Vacations are fun, but personally, eating out every single meal is not. I am truly relieved to be back home cooking. In an attempt to stay relatively healthy, I ordered a lot of salads while away. But come on, to be honest, most resturant salads Continue Reading →


I make a huge batch of this stuff and keep it in the fridge for almost a week. I throw it on my kale salad (with a fried egg or another protein like chicken) use it as a side dish for dinner or just eat a few spoonfuls straight up for a perfect Continue Reading →


About as much as I get asked this question: "Can you tell your twins apart?" (OMG, really? I am their MOTHER!) I get asked: "What do you eat?" Springtime always gets everyone all excited to get on a workout/clean-up-the-diet kick. Continue Reading →


Yes, Kale has been having a moment....for good reason. In my opinion, it is best raw and accessorized with other veggies. I usually throw whatever I have on top (sliced almonds, roasted veggies, hard boiled egg or cut up cooked chicken). My Continue Reading →

made granola and pimped it out

I made a big ol batch of granola, gave it to the winner of my trivia constest, Monica, who is a REGULAR Wednesday night rider. I also gifted it in mason jars to a few other people (my tattoo artist and a neighbor). My boys and I have been eating Continue Reading →

Mash-Up Meal

Inspired by all the ridicuous mash-ups I've been hearing in fitness studios and gyms (the best of 2012 15 minute mash-up is enough to make me dizzy) i made my very own original mash-up chicken stew last night that turned out significantly better Continue Reading →

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