CP Produced Playlists Now Up on Legitmix!


I have BIG NEWS for me and hopefully you ūüėČ I am¬†beyond¬†thrilled to announce that my¬†CP¬†mixed, produced, and custom¬†curated playlists are now available on Legitmix.com!!!! I’m launching my¬†store¬†with¬†20 of my favorite, revamped mixes from 2015 indoor cycling class playlist. Additionally, I¬†will be adding brand new, very current¬†mixes¬†every 2 weeks.

For those of you who had never been to one of my indoor cycling classes, I have a method to my madness. Based on years of experience teaching, producing and mixing music, my mixes are 43-45 minute compelling auditory sets; a musical journey if you will. My method involves seamlessly weaving together curated tracks of varying BPMs (beats per minute) in a progression that makes sense for a workout. Tracks are never too long or too short, I cut and slice up the music so that it works perfectly for an intense physical workout Р beat drops (aka drills in class) that are timed and spaced out perfectly with musical patterns that keep the energy flowing and engaging.

When Legitmix first approached me about offering¬†my work on their site, we originally thought the playlists would sell primarily¬†to other indoor cycling instructors who don’t have the time and/or skill to research, curate and mix their own playlists¬†for class. However, after doing some market research and fully recognizing the major DIY fitness trend (just take a look at how fitness apps and live streaming have¬†exploded of late), we are expecting a wider audience:¬†anyone looking for some killer beats¬†to accompany and guide their own workouts (running, lifting, bootcamps, biking, playing, etc).

As a tool for indoor cycling instructors, I recorded¬†my voice¬†cueing drills over the music, for Playlists 1 through 5. I wrote up an index that helps define¬†what my cues¬†means, all available on the store. Again, these five playlists with my vocal cues¬†are not necessarily¬†just for instructors who want some cue’ing assistance, but for anyone interested¬†in some additional motivation while listening to the music.

If you have never heard of Legitmix, its about time. The company¬†has a brilliant approach to legally selling remixes, mashups and playlists via software that analyzes the buyer’s¬†music library to confirm they own the original versions of the tracks used. If the buyer doesn’t own, Legitmix¬†simply directs to iTunes to purchase¬†originals first. This is seriously the¬†ONLY fair and ethical way¬†to support the artists and the music producers that put so much¬†time, energy and creativity into¬†their work – an approach¬†I am all about.

I’m also¬†super excited¬†to start creating¬†playlists in other¬†formats, coming soon. My next step will be creating¬†running playlists, in which the BPM doesn’t vary as drastically and¬†can be matched to cadence (more on this later!).

Feel free to do some¬†social media pimping for me¬†(Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc) if you are so inclined (just use the store link: https://legitmix.com/discovery/remixer/76133/Christianne-Phillips). Who knows,¬†I may have something up my sleeve to show my appreciation ūüėČ

I am thrilled about this launch and feel so strongly about offering my work in this¬†ethical format. ¬† Motivating music is such an incredible way to take a workout or any physical experience to that next level. I would LOVE to hear your feedback and would appreciate any support, so please don’t hesitate to shoot me a line here.




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