Early Morning / Late Night Tracks

My “job” these days in My-jam-me (that’s Miami loves, but my moms and every other heavily accented South American uses this pronunciation that just makes me giggle), has been prep’ing, re-creating, and recording my produced fitness playlists for an online music store that will be launched very soon (stay tuned, pun intended!!!) Between my morning workouts, swim team practice 4xweek w/ the boys and cooking up a nightly hurricane in my cute lil kitchen here on the Venetian, I’ve been researching my music pretty much only in the wee hours of the morning and dark ones later at night. Moments of calm sipping my coffee at 5AM or my red wine at 10:30PM don’t necessarily mix well with hard hitting EDM or dirty hip hop, but a girls gotta work! Any who, since I’m saving all my bananas-jump-around-ass-shakin music for the store, here are a few that I’m chilling to with all the hotties in this laid back land of leisure. Grab someone good and take a minute….;)

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