Food, Fitness & Family – Attempting Balance

“The paradox of being human is that you have to accept the most imperfect part of you to be part of something greater” – Dr. Barry Michaels

Its been a minute! I haven’t posted for a whole year, for very good reason: I’m not very successful at that life-work-family-selfcare balance at ALL. I have, however, managed an interesting year of juggling a full plate, without compromising too much on the three non negotiables of my life: food, fitness and of course, family – not necessarily in that order.

Before I go on, a side note about “going dark” which I have this year, not just from this site, but also with social media. Withdrawing from SM, has been more about priorities than anything else. When I’m struggling to fit in an hour with my kids after work, posting about my ass is the mirror is not going to happen. Just like with my writing, I adore posting about creative culinary adventures, kick ass workouts, beautiful friends and of course, raving about my identical twin boys & hunky husband. Taking a break, though, has been freeing and has certainly helped me focus on IRL (in real life). When I’m short on time, if you give me the choice of an IRL interaction and a social media post you know I’m taking the former. But a year you say?!? OK, I’ll admit, I got use to not getting tied up with SM, AND very truthfully the lack of sleep and high stress I’ve dealt with this past year has not made me feel up to posting.

Back to the family, food and fitness! Here’s what I did as a busy mama to make them priorities:


Without fail, I would plan and pack my and my kids’ meals the night before or morning of. This requires time and shopping! For myself, I made it simple by making a dark green salad w/ avocado-lemon dressing topped with protein – either three eggs, a piece of fish or chicken or combo of the three. I packed berries and raw nuts as snacks and was good for the entire day at work.

Making dinner nightly with my husband is our thing. We catch up while cooking and sit down together w/ the kids to spent time together over a yummy homemade meal. It can be stressful figuring out what to make so we rotate between our staples on weekdays (roasted chicken, grilled whole branzino fish, kale salads, make-your-own Mexican soft tacos with cumin shrimp, guacamole and raw lemon cabbage, etc). Then on the weekends, we entertain and get creative.


I will sacrifice sleep to get in my workouts because I just need to move my body every day. Period, No questions asked. On most mornings, my internal alarm clock would get me up around 4:30, I would work and sip coffee and then workout between 5:30-7ish factoring in time to get to studios and back.

Disclaimer, as a parent (without staff of course) you must have a compliant and helpful partner to do this. It cannot be done alone, legally. My husband was on 100% kids duty in the mornings for a whole year. Yup, he is everything.

The upside to this early morning routine is that I always fit in my workouts – zero excuses, not even one. The downside is that I usually fell asleep in my boys little beds tucking them in…….at 8:30PM. No evening activities with friends or husband, hardly ever. TOTALLY BORING and slightly pathetic non-social existence.


I’ve touched on making them a priority above – focusing on IRL experiences, nightly family dinners, but I admit that this is where I feel I failed the most. I can’t get back those months that I spent with them, but really on my phone answering work emails or fretting over staff texts instead of intently listening to their stories from school. I can’t change those nights I acted like a mother zombie – so exhausted from early AM workouts. And I feel like an asshole about it :/

I am hard on myself, a bit, but I did learned that any additional time I now have due to a transition to part time work, is like a huge gift that I’m thrilled to be tearing into.

And who knows, I may be posting few insta pic’s here and there 😉

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