granola, reviews and music challenges

Most NYC instructors have been reviewed up, down and all around in this fitness-obsessed city. For this new girl in town to get reviewed on is a pretty big deal. I have been following RYB for years, definitely since my DC days and honestly, it was my bible during my months recruiting instructors before Revolve opened.

To say I have been waiting patiently to get reviewed is a huge understatement. I have arrived! Just kidding, sort of. Seriously, I’m thrilled and grateful. Thank you for your review SpinSquirrel. Little correction, it was the Body Ride, not the RIP Ride I was teaching, but hey Squirrel got my name right, liked my moves and shouted out my granola tactics. I want to hug her. 

REVOLVE recently got an write up in Well+Good as well. Yes there is always the good and the bad, but the whole Revolve crew is just straight up thankful and truly appreciate that we have been included on this brilliant site (which I check DAILY):

On another note, I have one more item: Granola is just the start of what I’m mixing into class (see the RYB review if that confuses you) I’m throwing down a music challenge. You get gifts and shout outs. Many of you have heard how much time i spend on music, researching it, mixing it and figuring out how to fit it into class. I’m particular to say the least. IF I play one of your requests/suggestions, you get something homemade. Facebook me and message me there if you want to start! Will be posting more on FB early next week. Its ON!!

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