This year, my family decided to take a little consumerism break and instead give
gifts that don’t involve shopping, buying, and throwing down serious cash. Not only
are homemade gifts economical, but they are also extremely thoughtful and, in my
opinion, a beautiful way to spread holiday love and spirit.

So avoid rushing into a store last minute and buying a candle. Maybe instead put
some time and effort into a gift. . Giving attention is cheap, it can’t be bought or
given by anyone else. That’s what the holiday should be about, right? (along side
holiday eating and drinking too 😉

Disclaimer: I will be buying my boys some of their favorite toys, but I am hoping our
DIY/homemade gift exchange will rub off on them just a little bit.
Here are some ideas that my family will be gifting this holiday season:






1. Party At Your Friends House. Cooking up a great meal for friends and
family is something I like to do on a regular basis. This year, decide to host a
dinner party at your friends place. Create the menu, go shopping and take
over her kitchen. She will love not having to organize it and everyone will
enjoy the festivities. Just be sure you clean up afterwards (otherwise it won’t
feel like a gift ;)) Here are some easy dinner party recipes everyone will love.

2. Give Them A Night/Afternoon Off: Offer to Babysit for a friend or family
member. Finding a babysitter on a Saturday night is no easy task, not to
mention NYC babysitters these days charge up a storm and require a taxi or
car service home. This adds up to one expensive evening out. Let your friends
have a casual night out while you sit on their sofa and catch up on your
Twitter feed. They may even exchange the favor!





3. Write a Love Letter.  Lately I feel like I don’t even have time to text my
friends. Declaring my love and appreciation boils down to a heart emoticon
<3 So sitting down and actually writing a card or letter to a friend or loved
one with exactly why you love them so much feels extra special. Don’t worry
about getting all sentimental and mushy, if it’s real and from the heart, they
will love it.







4. Make a Scrub. I love me some extra fancy beauty products, but I also really
love to whip up my own. Making a festive scrub for your gal pals is easy and
they will absolutely love it. Here is a DIY holiday scrub you can make and
package in your kitchen.

5. Host a Clothing Swap Party. I have a ton of clothes that never get to see the
light of day but somehow I never really want to get rid of them. Swapping
them with a friend is a great way to clean out your closet and get some
threads that feel new. You know that blazer you’ve been coveting in your
friends’ closet that she never wears? Swap it for your designer boots that you
bought half a size too small 5 years ago! It’s a win-win holiday bash.






6. Bite Me.  Forgo wrapping up a box of chocolates for a bake-less treat that not
only looks cute but are also guiltless. My Raw, Vegan Bites are so easy to
make. Wrap them up in tissue and place in an old festive tin for the perfect
holiday warming present that your friends won’t recycle!

7. Get a Ride. Ok, so one thing I will actually be buying this year are gift cards
to a Flywheel class with me. I will buying a bunch of these to give to friends
and family.  It’s a way for me to share with them what I love to do! Plus get
their asses in shape!






8. Fit Date: along the same lines as above, schedule a time to workout together.
I’m offering personal training sessions in my building gym, but if you are not
a fitpro you can still do something similar. Figure out a fun, new workout
you’ll do together, if it involves booking or scheduling take care of that and
then make him a delicious smoothie afterwards.

9. Mix Tape: Obviously, this is my favorite DIY gift and one I’ve been doing since
i was a kid using a double cassette deck on an old school stereo! This year I’m
gifting custom playlists for a few friends, but you don’t have to be a DJ to do something
similar. Use sound cloud or spotify and pull together your favorite tracks or design a
specific playlist; for example, for a runner use upbeat music you know will keep them
moving like the one I did here. I’m gifting both music for yoga and danceparty custom mixes.

10. Give Your Talent: You know you have some. What are your skills? If you are
an artist, draw a beautiful card. Writer, write a poem. Chef, make a delicious
treat…. You get the idea.

Wishing you all a very happy holidays!



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