i’m loving right now…..

Five Leaves www.fiveleavesny.com – amazing food and drinks

the Cold Brew at Pudge Knuckles pudgeknuckles.com – like rocket fuel for my runs
The return of my ass – more bootcamp/pilates/dance classes and less running!!!! www.bodybysimone.com www.slt.com
Brooklyn Kitchen & the Meat Hook in Greenpoint www.thebrooklynkitchen.com
Kira Stokes www.kirastokes.com – she is a godness
the BUZZ Revolve NYC is getting….. www.revolvefitness.com
Hipster dads in my hood wrangling public tantrums and teaching kids how to ride without training wheels on Kent Ave – WISH i had a photo of this
Scott @ Pure Yoga pureyoga.com – so good
One Lucky Duck www.oneluckyduck.com – the S&M Salad was made for me
That feeling of deeply missing and appreciating something when its gone but also knowing it will come back. i actually relish the peaks and valleys of life. speaking of valleys….
Valley Nails www.valleynyc.com – guilty guilty pleasure
THE RUB dance party every third Saturday www.itstherub.com – to just get sweaty
Wearing whatever the fuck i want to pick up my boys from school and knowing no one will care! yay Williamsburg Northside parents!!!!
Having ONE drink at Trix and/or Extra Fancy in my hood www.extrafancybklyn.com…more than one and i’m trouble
Reading “This is How You Lose Her” Junot Diaz and “Cutting for Stone” Abraham Verghese
Listening to “Free to Be You and Me” w/ the boys www.freetobefoundation.org

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