This is what I don’t do: mindlessly read a magazine on an elliptical and call that cardio. If you are multitasking while working out, its a waste of time. Sure I’ll use a cardio machine to warm up, but its not really effective, body-changing, cardio unless you are PAYING ATTENTION to what you are doing and DOING IT HARD.

I’m a huge fan of mixing up a workout routine, including cardio, weightlifting, megaformer classes, bootcamps, barre classes, yoga, dance classes and anything else that makes working out fun, effective and safe. In general, I fit about six different types of workouts per week and my FlyWheel classes are just one. Not only is cross training more exciting physically for the body and mentally for the brain, but it prevents injuries by avoiding repetitive movement, engaging different muscles, thus avoiding over-training or over-taxing certain muscle groups.
That said, I’m a cardio queen. I ADORE my runs and bike rides. Up until I started up again teaching cycling classes at FlyWheel in late November, I was logging about 30-35 miles a week on long runs. Because of my teaching schedule, I ended up dropping 2 out of my usual 3 long runs and noticed my body change within a month. No, my thigh’s didn’t get bigger (huge myth perpetrated by unnamed “fitness celebrities” trying to promote their own ridiculous and expensive programs), but rather I saw a slight shift toward a leaner, longer me…something I’m definitely good with 🙂
With the weekly amount of cardio being the same, I’m convinced my shift was 100% from the HIIT (high intensity interval training) nature of indoor cycling. Cardio on interval training if you will. So that means, going HARD, pulling back slightly. and hitting it hard again before your body has a chance to recover.  I also started doing different “types” of runs. While on vacation last week I ran every other day on the beach, barefoot, over different kinds of sand (hard packed, soft and thick and through waves) not to mention the crazy wind resistance I hit in one direction before turning around. It was an entirely different workout than my urban ones in the winter. But back home I mixed in bridge runs, going up and down the Williamsburg Bridge a few times, as well as sprint training around the McCaren Park track with a girlfriend.
So please let’s not waste our precious cardio time, mindless thinking you are doing something significant for your body when all you are doing is warming up your core temperature slightly, effectively preparing your body for some REAL work. Make it count. Do something dramatic with your self, fill up the time to set aside to exercise with intensity so you get stronger and see results!!

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