Moving to Miami Beach!

yeah, and in THREE WEEKS!! This all pretty much happened very quickly in the last month, and I’m still wrapping my head around it. To say I’m excited is an understatement.

I rarely use motivational / inspirational quotes (at least out loud and in social media) because they usually make me roll my eyes a little bit, but these two have ruled recent developments in my life:

“Make shit happen” and “Everything will turn out the way its suppose to be”

So putting those two thoughts together, life presents opportunities all the time. I see them as open windows to either look through or crash through. I often find myself being bold and taking the risky, more challenging route on a blazing saddle even if it makes me feel uncomfortable. When we moved home to NYC three years ago, it was a fairly selfish decision on my part. The move was very much about me, my work (opening Revolve NYC), where I wanted and needed to be. This time around, the decision to try out Miami Beach living has more to do with my family’s happiness and quality of life than mine. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not mad about living in a cute, art deco style fixer-upper that’s super close to the Beach, has lots of space, a great school close by, and year round summertime. Nope, not mad about that at ALL. My kids are going to LOVE it and that, right now, is my #1 priority. The husband’s work opportunities in Miami are another big reason, and he’s going to be in mariner’s heaven on earth in those waters. The fitness community has a lot of exciting things happening so the options and ideas are brewing 😉

Yes, all those “reasonable reasons” are behind the move. But then there’s just that thought that, life is short, why not seize the signs and transform them into realities? What’s the worst that can happen? Just dive into, embrace and celebrate change.

Our plan is to go for the school year and see what happens! Making the decision to go was the hardest part because I truly adore our life here in NYC. Once we decided to go (it was a 5 minute conversation), finding our new house in our new hood happened so easily and quickly. Like it was meant to be. That is what is helping me sleep at night. My family is tight, we hang together all the time, enjoy each other and work really well together. So even though we’ll need some new MIA friends, I know my lil crew is going to be just fine.

So all this TMI and oversharing to say, I will very much miss my wonderful family that is so close by, dear friends and riders here in NYC. I’m teaching for 2-3 more weeks here until I take August to move and transition my family. Check my instagram for @flywheel class schedule and please come see me to say goodbye (for now).

South Beach we’re coming for you……

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