2014 was the best rollercoaster year I’ve had in recent memory. I rode highs and
indulged in lows and then I dusted myself off and got back up again. I felt strong,
scared, insecure, badass, obsessive, envious, sexy, powerful and grateful. I resigned
from a dream job that I thought defined me, I turned 40 while tasting the sublime
in the #1 restaurant in the world (Noma in Copenhagen), I was betrayed
by a very close girlfriend, my twin boys turned 8 and officially became big kids, I
made the best decision of my (fitness) life by joining the FlyWheel family, I went
back to school for nutrition, I starting a consulting side gig and, finally, I wrote and
rode my heart out.

Now that I threw that down, let’s move on to this list. Here are a few fav’s that
were along for my 2014 ride:

CP Best of 2014 in Fitness, Food, Fashion and Music:





1. Favorite New Track: Sleepless, Cazzette

I remember hearing this song for the first time on my balcony in the early summer
and literally jumping out of my lounge chair to do a happy dance. This song was somewhat
autobiographical for me at the time as well. I love it when that happens; when music really affects me. 






2. Favorite Song: Let Me Love You (Sllash Remix), Mario: Not necessarily newly
remixed in 2014, but I found it this past year thanks to my neighbor Tim of and couldn’t press play enough. Love story lyrics. So smooth. 






3. Favorite Remix: Drunk in Love (Away Message Version)
I used this track for my debut FlyWheel ride and literally lit the room on fire. I mean
with all my boys in the house, a hot Beyonce remix, how could that NOT happen? So
much fun, too sexy, serious playtime, dare not to dance. 






4. Favorite ingredient: TIE Uni X Cochayuyo. This was the year I went to Uni-town. I
craved it constantly, would drive from Brooklyn over to Chelsea Market in mad
urban traffic to buy a full tray of it from the Lobster Place. I eat pieces straight from the tray,
rolled, in seaweed, topped on bread w/ burata cheese and whenever I hit up my favorite
sushi joints. When consumed without extra sodium or cheese, sea urchin is very healthy;
its high in protein, low in fat and calories, and packs in those awesome omega-3 fatty acids.
Unfortunately, I rarely ate it plain jane as you can see below :/

I blogged about Cochayuyo a few months ago and I’m still high off this stuff. A sea
vegetable that is commonly used in my native country Chile, I use it as a pasta
substitute and it is insanely healthy. Mail order this one.





5. Favorite Eat: I can’t say that I have a favorite restaurant this year because I held high
court in the kitchen in 2014. My friends figured out that the only way they’d see me
would be close to my stove, so I spent hours cooking and feeding my loves. That said, my
favorite bite of the year was this Three Cheese White Pizza with Shiitake Mushroom,
Truffle Oil and Uni (pictured above). The pizza dough is homemade and all the ingredients
locally sourced with the exception of the sea urchin. It literally made my eyes roll back in my head.







6. Favorite Beauty Products: Another TIE between two products, one that I put on to
look flawless and another that I use to take it all off and feel squeaky clean. I recently
discovered a brilliant all-natural make up and skin care line called Repechage. Their
Perfect Skin Liquid Foundation is amazing. It evens out skin without looking heavy. I
adore it!  Always in search of a cleanser that doesn’t strip my skin but takes it all off,
I found it in 2014. The Elure Advanced Facial Wash is hands down the best cleanser
I’ve ever used.  Love them both!!






7. Favorite Shopping: This one is so easy. Without a doubt, the Bandier pop up
boutique in Flatiron was like walking into the gates of heaven. Seriously the best
retail therapy I’ve had in years, this spot has the most incredible curated line of
fitness and active lifestyle gear I’ve ever seen. In the few months since they opened
up on Broadway and 21st, I’ve snatched up at least 5 leggings, two bras and 3 tops. I
was gifted an insanely generous complimentary outfit for my FlyWheel start that
made me feel incredible, both inside and out.

8. Favorite article of clothing: 110% would be my Candida Maria leggings, of course
bought at the above spot. They feel like second skin, fit beautifully, lift my ass ever
so slightly and feel delicious to wear. In fact, these leggings are more comfortable
than my pajamas.

9. Favorite Newly Discovered Instructor: I am madly in fitness love with Brooklyn
Body Burn’s Eileen Kielty
. She is a lovely, funny, motivating human being. Her cueing
is perfect, she can simultaneously motivate and commiserate with your pain during
class. She gives more than 100% to every single person while teaching. Eileen
knows how to empower people in her class so everyone walks out feeling like they
just rocked their absolute best even if they are physically SLAYED. Plus she is
hilarious, does little dances and making me laugh while I’m burning so so hard. I just
love her.







10. Favorite Newly Discovered Fitness Class: this would definitely have to be Kira
Stokes’ Barre Class
, now at BFX. Disclaimer, I’m good friends with Kira (like you
don’t know) and I’ve been going to her 360 bootcamp-like classes for years now,
however I had never taken her Barre due to schedule and distance. Since she moved
her fithome to BFX in the Chelsea/Flatiron/Union Sq area I can now get my Kira on
way more conveniently. Her Barre class (that’s me in it pictured above), is brilliant.
It’s so different from all of my workouts that had consisted primarily of running, hot
yoga and weight lifting. I’ve been also taking some fantastic FlyBarre classes at my
new studio and in only 3 weeks of doing more barre in general, I’ve felt a definite
shift in my body that I’m VERY happy about. YAY!

11. Favorite Fitness Personality: this would be Aly Teich, the founder and host of The
Sweat Life, a newly launched online lifestyle brand that reports on health and fitness.
Aly has found incredible success with her concept because she, her team and her
reporting are smart, fair, supportive and authentic. In the end, Aly just wants to
share her love of life and health to inform and thus empower the rest of us. Bravo.

12. Favorite Website: other than mine (and The Sweat Life’s) of course, this one goes to
The Gotham Bandit. At its helm, Bobby Kennedy is an awesome strong and sharp
personality. He smartly ties fitness, food and lifestyle in a sexy way that uniquely
defines The Gotham Bandit. It’s the kind of site you want to go to see the eye candy
pic’s and read relevant, well done pieces at the same time. Yeeeeaaaassss GB gets it.

I’m not sure how I’m going to top 2014, but here’s a few things on My 2015 Wishlist:

1. Another tattoo for my 40th year, this time owning more real estate

2. Finally moving out of Williamsburg (NOT the right neighborhood for my family)

3. Getting to know my FlyFam way WAY better

4. Taking more Barre classes – the ones that don’t waste my time(!)

5. Arriving at age 41 (this summer) feeling just slightly more amazing than when I
turned 40.

6. Reading waaaayyyyy more – both novels and with my kids.

7. Finishing up my nutrition program.

8. Prioritizing my family, our health and happiness over everything else.

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