Revolve NYC has arrived……

OK, so the big question is: what set’s Revolve apart? Why add yet another boutique studio to the NYC fitness scene?

1. Smart, passionate and authentic instructors who are CERTIFIED in multiple discplines (not just cycling, but group fitness, personal training, yoga AND inten Sati). We are all about delivering a sound athletic workout, an incredibly fun experience in our own unique styles. We are not all the same! We want to connect with our riders, be transparent and accesible. We are there for you, not ourselves.

2. Different types of classes for different types of riders. We have THREE classes. Some classes will appeal to the purist outdoor riders, another for the fitness fanatic, and of course, the rest of us who want to get in, workout hard and then get out and on with life.

3. Inclusivity. Revolve is not a special club. Our doors are open to all; come in and get what you came for. We WANT YOU novice riders or people who have been intimidated by indoor cycling. We WANT YOU triathletes. We WANT YOU music lovers.

Revolve Soft Open is this week! I am teaching a special free class on Friday at 6PM. Please come. Just email me or to get on the list. Bring your friends, your mom or your workout buddies. I CANNOT wait!

My regular schedule can be found online at

Can’t wait to ride…..

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