Roasted Swordfish with Rosemary Garlic & Vegetables

Since I’m a “pescatarian” meaning, I don’t eat chicken, beef, pork or any other red meat, I love coming up with interested seafood dishes.  My boys LOVE red meat so I have to make any fish extra delicious (enter grass-fed butter). On a weekly basis, I usually rotate my fish dishes, which I have 2-3 times per week, between wild King Salmon and a wild local white fish, however, I make Swordfish only about once a month because of mercury level and low population concerns. My boys love and prefer swordfish to any other fish, likely because of its meaty texture and the fact that we can call them “Swordfish Steaks ;)” 

You can substitute any other fish really in this dish for the Swordfish, I often use wild monkfish when it comes in very fresh to the seafood counter.



Roasted Swordfish with Rosemary Garlic & Vegetables


1 1/2-2 lbs of Swordfish or other meaty white fish like Monkfish, Halibut, etc

3-4 tablespoons of grass-fed butter, softened to room temperature

2 cloves of raw minced garlic

3 springs of fresh rosemary, peeled off stalk and chopped (I often substitute sage)

1 1/2 cups if sliced and sautéed shiitake mushrooms

Roasted eggplant in EVOO half moons


Preheat over to around 475

Prepare the veggies – sauté the mushrooms and roast the eggplant then set aside to add later

sprinkle the fish with salt and pepper set aside

In a mortal and pestle, mash up the soft butter, garlic and rosemary to form a paste

Heat avocado or cooking olive oil in a cast iron pot over med-high heat – i sometimes use half olive oil and half grass-fed butter to get the fish nice and browned

Add the fish to the pot and make sure its sizzling. 

Brown that one side and after about 3-4 minutes flip to brown the other side.

Add the rosemary garlic butter paste evenly to the tops of the fish and immediately put in the oven for about 7-8 minutes, depending on how hot your oven is.

I often put the broiler on for the last minute

Take out of the oven, arrange the veggies around and on top and put back in the oven for another 1-2 minutes to ensure vegetables are warmed and start to marinate with the fish juices.

Once out of the oven, I like to sprinkle wth fresh parsley, maybe a few squeezes of lemon and serve with a side of green vegetables!

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