Shopping Spree happened on iTunes


For a few years now I’ve bought less and less music on iTunes with the proliferation of DJs and producers giving amazing free downloads of remixes, bootlegs and mashups. That said, I just went on an iTunes shopping spree! There is so much great new music coming out and I’m always thrilled to support artists buy BUYING THEIR MUSIC as opposed to ripping it off the internet / soundcloud / youTube. Note that a lot of these tracks can also be found on Beatport.

Of special note is I’m in Love off the new Kygo album. Everytime I listen to this song it pierces my heart – so gorgeous and I never really loved Kygo. Go figure. I ADORE MO and she’s on this list with her latest which I’m certain will be huge this summer. MO’s track was actually produced by MNEK who is also on this list with his new track. Anyway, here is my shopping spree playlist, music I’m listening to for my own workouts and putting in mixes:

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