Smood-spiration: The Banana Avocado Lucuma Smoothie

I just made a “smoothie” that is legit better than any ice cream shake I’ve ever had and it is 99.9% wholesome goodness in a cup (or bowl).

Back up – there’s this cool joint called Dr Smood that started here in Miami and now has a few locations in NYC. They just opened up an store in my neighborhood of Sunset Harbor. I recently popped in and had fun with their wall of supplements. Side note: I”ll be honest with you, I rarely buy smoothies because I find them super expensive and full of too much added sugar. I prefer to get inspired by the lists of ingredients and then customize my own at home. I almost ALWAY eliminate the added sweeteners that are our bodies pretty much treats just like white sugar such as dates, maple syrup, coconut sugar and agave (the worst). I use a bit of stevia and while I know its not the BEST, it IS sugar free and doesn’t make me feel jacked up like the other sweeteners do.

Anyway, I walked away with their Lucuma powder. Lucuma is a fruit most commonly grown and used in South America. With my Chilean background, I grew up eating it but mostly remember consuming it as Lucuma flavored ice cream – so this smoothie experience took me back 🙂

I ended up using this new Ripple milk that is made from peas!! Yup, not a nut milk, but a pea pea milk – he he just kidding. I threw in half a frozen banana and the rest of the ingredients you see above and Vitamin’ed that yumminess up into something that is between a smoothie + pudding + frozen dessert. HEAVEN. Go make this now:

In a blender, whip up the following:

Half frozen banana (not shown above)

Half avocado

2 tablespoons Lucuma Powder

1-2 cups of Ripple Unsweetened Milk (or any dairy/soy free milk you want)

1-2 tablespoons of a nut butter

1 tablespoon liquid stevia

1 teaspoon vanilla

1/2 teaspoon cinammon



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