thankful no matter what….

I had dinner last night with friends who live in Far Rockaway, who lost nearly everything and witnessed their neighbors, just a few doors closer to the beach, get wiped away. I saw footage on their phone and listened in shock and awe to their stories of that night Sandy hit and the aftermath. I am humbled.

I WAS going to start this post by writing about my frustration at Revolve’s opening delay (in large part due to Sandy), the false alarms, the anticipation and how excited I am that it is happening TOMORROW!

Timing is everything. I am just thankful that we CAN open.

Please join me for my soft open FREE Friends and Family class:

Monday December 3rd @ 6:30PM. Come early!! It is first come first serve.

We open to the public on Wednesday December 5th. Find my schedule and everything else you need to come ride with me here:



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