The “other” edit of a V-Day Mix


Late to put up here – this was originally posted to SC 2/14/16: “We should have an excuse to listen to hot beats, feel sexy, eat amazing chocolate, gift roses, drink luscious wine, give and receive love EVERY DAMN DAY! With that, here’s a little V-Day gift (stream below) from me to you. This mix is the “Jason Tran edit” of the Legitmix #redhot playlist that is now available in my Legitmix store. I made some changes for JT so that it would fit the format of his amazing #Swerve classes. I swapped some tracks out and changed the BPMs in a few parts. My favorite part is the mix I made with three tracks, Talking Body, Hard, Freak and Back To Life, towards the end (before last two tracks.) I hope you LOVE!  

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