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In case this reviewer isn’t on FB, want to share a recent post:

Am completely touched by this new review on RYB. Love how she weaves in my love for music, sweat, tattoos, nail art, food and dancing into a cycle class write up! Uhhh, this chick GETS me. 
To show my appreciation i have a song dedication to you TONIGHT mmmmgreenjuice (her pseudonym. Whoever you are….I’m always yours).
Get into my class TONIGHT 6:30PM Revolve

So here’s what’s up: there are too many blog posts I want to do right about now so will have to restrain myself from pouring it all out there at once and just give you a list of what’s coming up in February (tease is my middle name):

1. My favorite Kale Salad dressing. This is the SHIT and yeah, I know everyone and their mama is making and serving KALE. But trust me, this is something you can whip up easily, its super healthy and delish. That coming later this week.

2. A contest: I’m announcing it tonight in class. Next Wednesday is V-Day eve. I’m not that romantic people. Really. What I love about this psuedo-holiday is a license to eat ridiculously amazing/expensive chocolate, raw oysters, lobster in butter, drink rose (I hate champagne) AND an excuse to make pink frosting heart shaped cookies with my boys. But I digress. THE CONTEST: In class one week from tonight, on Wednesday Feb 13th at 6:30PM, I want to throw in a few steamy hot tracks. Like inappropriately, sexy and maybe X-Rated. Lyrics pumped full of fuck and pussy is not what I’m talking about. It those jams that make us want to…(insert here). We will blush and possibly take off layers of clothing. I will do my best to not get on the floor. 

If your requst makes it, I’m giving you something sweet and homemade for Valentines Day! Message me on facebook or email me through my contact page here PRIVATELY with your suggestions. Be BOLD! I like that.

3. Am getting more ink later this month and I’m excited about it. I want to take you with me so will take before/after photos of the process and tell you a bit about the history here. Maybe you’ll even come visit me while I get it done later this month. If the tattoo studio will let me plug in my iPod and it’ll be a full on CP event…

4. February’s playlist will be going up on my music page.

5. Finally, class blogger on RYB (see above link) shared her insightful and incredible prose in a review of my class, so I’m moved to share some of my secrets on beauty tips (hi eyelashes), body image, bouncing back, diet, addictions and long crushes.


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