So yessss, it is that party time of the year when the madness just does not stop. Just coming off an insane Thanksgiving long weekend filled with food, drink and nights out (kiddos were away 😉 I feel like I need to clean up my act, but I’m actually facing a few more weeks of parties, dinners and other social obligations.

With all that in mind, here are a few easy suggestions I’m following to keep myself fit and together through the rest of the holidays. A few might work for you!!

1. INDULGE SMART: Decide when you are going to “indulge” and on the other days be super clean, whatever “clean” is for you. For me it is: no dairy, no red meat, no sugar, no processed foods, no white foods. If i’m going super DUPER light, I’ll avoid chicken too and only go for mostly raw veggies, seafood, nuts and seeds. For liquids, I’ll take my AM coffee with almond milk and then sip water and green tea for the rest of the day. I avoid bubbly beverages unless I’m drinking gin (see below).

2. DRINK ALCOHOL: Your #partytime indulging likely involves alcohol. Speaking as a wino, at parties I actually pass on my usual deep strong dark red wines because it makes me sleepy and sloppy. Instead, I order my second favorite: good quality gin with seltzer and extra limes. I try not to drink when I’m not out. My favorite time and place to have a glass of wine is actually at home – in the evening as I’m getting dinner ready for my kids. But because I have social obligations a few times a week this season, I’m cutting those out entirely and just sipping my water instead.

3. SWEAT BABY, SWEAT HARD AND EARLY: Make time to exercise every day. If you are a fit nut, then 2x a day is awesome (for example, weights for 45 minutes in the morning before work and maybe a quick 30 minute run during lunch hour). Trust me, it’ll make you feel SO much better, even if you are just doing it to counteract bad behavior the night before. Here’s the important piece, make it happen in the morning and/or mid-day. If you save it for the evening, other obligations, exhaustion, work, last minute plans are inevitably going to get in the way.
On that note, FYI, I’m teaching only early morning classes at FlyWheel!!! I hate working out at night, so why teach then? I’m on a mission to convert everyone into morning exercisers.

4. BE ACCOUNTABLE AND SCHEDULE YOUR WORKOUTS: Make an appointment with a trainer, book a boutique fitness class, plan a fit date with your girlfriend, whatever, but schedule and plan this for the week ahead. Fit it into your social calendar and then stay committed to it.

5. DOUBLE UP YOUR WATER INTAKE: You must know this, but drink water like its going out of business. If you usually drink 2-3 liters a day, aim for 3-4. And of course, when out, drink water while you are drinking alcohol and have a few full classes an hour before bed. If you drink water too close to bedtime, it will wake you up to pee and disrupt your sleep. I stop drinking everything and anything about an hour before bed.

6. SNACK ON BITTER GREENS: Eating bitter greens like Dandelion Greens, is a great diuretic and helps digestion. I love to eat them all the time, but especially before going out for a heavy meal.

7. PRE-PARTY EATING: Before going out to an event that will mostly be drinking and heavy appetizers, I always have a small filling meal including light green vegetables and lean protein, like chicken breast with grilled asparagus. I eat only enough to fill satiated but not super full.

8. PASS ON THE GUM: In line with the above tip, avoid snapping the trident and instead have a mint. Chewing gum at parties is not that cute and, can bloat as well. In fact, I recently quit chewing gum altogether. Try to cut it out entirely.

9. DRESS BODYCON: Wear #bodycon outfits. No really, something that shows as much as you can confidently pull off. When I wear form-fitting outfits to a fancy dinner or out at a party, there’s no way I’m letting myself overdo the food/ drink situation and get that carb or sugar belly. I also tend to eat slower and chew carefully to avoid swallowing a lot of air.

10. ALTERNATE SLEEP AND SLEEPLESS: There are nights you are not going to get enough sleep. You know it. You have a party and work the next morning, travel, whatever it is. Try to plan your social calendar so you can alternate nights at home with nights out. On the nights at home, FORCE yourself to get to bed early, whatever that is for you. For me, its around 9:30-10.

Hope these tips help you get through the month of holiday parties!



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