Truffle Mushroom & Leek Cauliflower Rice Pizza

Truffle Mushroom & Leek Cauliflower Crust Pizza

I’m a little late to the cauliflower rice game, but I’ve done some serious catching up and I’m here to tell you about it! In addition to throwing the “rice” onto my salads and making it the base of a yummy bowl with other veggies, I made this Truffle Mushroom & Leek Cauliflower Rice Pizza last week and fell off my chair from the delicious-ness. Even my boys proclaimed “MOM, out-of-this-world!,” which is a saying they picked up from their Abuelita (too cute!). This experiment was definitely my favorite foray into the world of Cauliflower Rice and its super easy!

While I lightly sauté my rice when making it for other purposes, I followed this recipe for the crust only from Epicurious that did not require the rice to be pre cooked or steamed like most recipe do. I found this easier and the end result worked out GREAT. A few notes:

I used half Cassava Flour and half Almond Flour instead of all Almond. I LOVE Cassava Flour and use it a lot of other gluten free recipes I make. Second, I pre-baked the crust in an oven that was slightly too hot so the ends crisped a bit more than I wanted and the interior was just slightly too soft. I could still hold the slice with my hands, but I needed to hold it carefully with two hands to keep it together. I recommend the initial crust only cooking to be slightly longer at a lower temp, as the recipe suggests.

Once out of the oven, I threw on the mozzarella, a bit of grated fontina cheese, the lightly sautéed shiitake mushrooms, leeks and some blanched garlic. I baked that baby for about 10 minutes at a higher temp (450) to quickly melt and heat up the toppings.

Once out of the oven, I let it it cool for a good 10 minutes, before drizzling white truffle oil and sprinkling parmesan cheese. As I said, this is my favorite cauliflower pizza to date and even beat out my eggplant cauliflower pizza (I’m obsessed with eggplant so that is major).

OH and I’ve been seriously inspired to post more about #livinganutritiouslife here and on instagram now that I just started a nutrition certification program with Keri Glassman called The Nutrition School Love love love learning more about what I’m so passionate about.

Hope you can have fun with this crust too and ENJOY! XOXO


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