where, what and why…..

I am thrilled to be getting a lot of repeat and regular riders! i adore new faces, but, there is something special that happens when i get a group of riders who know me, what i want, where i want it and why: its called magic and insane energy. To show my love right back, many of you have asked where, what and why i’m eating and exercising. here’s my current situation:


Since I’m in Union Square (13th ST between B’Way and University to be specific) all the time, I have a few favorite spots for food:

HU Kitchen www.hukitchen.com – my favorite is the large “bowl” with veggies and miso chicken. I have them add cilantro, sliced almonds and sesame seeds on top with a touch of hot sauce. It is seriously the PERFECT amount of food for me for lunch. Good it doesn’t come in a bigger portion because I would eat WAY more if i could.

JivamuktiTea Cafe http://jivamuktiyoga.com/centers/jivamuktea-cafe – this vegan spot is serious about their ingredients. I usually get the Yogi’s Choice with tempeh, seaweed, kale and avocado. i love their Chai with steamed almond milk too, which is perfect pick me up before my evening classes.

Souen www.souen.net – organic and macrobiotic and GOOD. Unlike the two above, Souen is a table service restaurant and has a sushi bar. I’m usually overwhelmed by the menu, so I’m slowly figuring out what i like best. The organic salmon is awesome.

All the above spots are my lunch joints when I’m in the city. I am ALWAYS cooking at home because i love it and its truly the healtiest way to eat. Portion control is key of course. I’m trying to cut down my wine to only 2-3 nights per week. No one’s perfect.

And If I’m not eating home cooked meals, I’m at a sushi bar somewhere in Brooklyn or Manhattan throwing down some omakasi and saki.


I’m teaching about 6 classes per week at Revolve. I don’t get as much excercise riders do, but I get about about 65-75% of the class.

I’m running a 9 miler only once a week due to a hamstring injury that will not go away. About to start accupuncture to deal with that.

Here’s the most important piece with respect to exercise: I’ve been doing WAY more core/plyometric/full body training in the gym using weights. Sometimes light, sometimes heavy weights, but I’m up in the weight room about 4 times a week for 45 minutes and that has caused the biggest change in my body of late. Also, my arms are more RIP’ed thanks to teaching, yeap the RIP Ride @ Revolve…so book your bike already!

Finally, I’ve slacked on the yoga since before the hoildays, but i am COMMITTED to adding at least 1-2 classes back in per week. It is HARD and during class I often ask myself why i’m doing this when I feel inflexible, tight, uncomfortable and, yes, sometimes miserable. I realize that is how many of you feel in my class! All I have to say is the beginning sucks for everyone. Stick with whatever exercise you start – it may not get easier, but it does get better, more efficient and way more fun.

Finally, I want to yoga my way around this chill, sexy remixed Daft Punk track by my of-the-moment-favorite DJs The Knocks


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