Truth: I’m not gonna lie, I ‘m not a huge fan of this weather. Its ugly cold here in NYC
and I am wishing on a star that someone will magically transport me to a tropical

Fact: it’s mid-January, the 15th actually as I write this, and those Resolution Warriors
are dropping out like dead flies right about now. I never wrote a post about
resolutions in late December / early January because I’m not a fan of resolutions. If
you decide to make a change, you take a deep breath and just freaking do it pronto,
why wait for a start date?

Action: They say it takes about 30 days to break or replace habits. So if you are still
in the game with your fitness / health / wellness resolutions – great! This time is
crucial to shifting them into the fabric of your life….it’s called a lifestyle and if your
resolutions don’t transform in that direction , you’ll end up back where you started.
Let’s not.

So how to stay motivated despite this nasty bitter cold weather? Here are a few tips
I use to keep it together:

1. Change your mindset: OMG I LOVE this weather!! Yeah, ok I’m lying, but if I
decide to change my mindset for a minute and appreciate the crisp cold sharp
sunshine on a 20 degree day, I’m more likely to feel happy and get out there
for a walk or run.






2. Get out of the house: especially on the bright sunny days.
Every single time you see that sun before it drops right around 4pm
(sadly) get out and expose as much skin to boost energy, attitude and
vitamin D levels. Extra credit: do jumping jacks, lunges, pushups
(on a bench), squats, sprints, whatever you can manage while out there.

3. Dress warmly: I know this is a no brainer, but I see all sorts of ridiculous
outfits out there in the name of fashion. I get it – I’m the queen of under
dressing. I go out in paper thin leggings in Nor’easters because they are cuter
and more flattering than thick fluffy pants. Annnnnd then I’m miserable.  Be
Happy, Look Puffy. Layer, bulk up, cover up, etc.








I wear moisture wicking form fitting thin layers under my flywheel hoodie.
I have a great one from lulu right now that makes me look like a dancer which
is always fun. Do what you have to do to stay warm when outside and then strip
off those layers in the studio when you’re all hot and sweaty or at home in your hot bath. YAY!!





4. Don’t overdo the hot showers and baths: Hot water strips
your skin. If you have a chill, go for a super quick hot one, but not for longer
than a few minutes.

5. Use a humidifier: I’m a massive fan of these. The dry hot forced air is insanely
horrible for my skin and the humidifier’s steam lubricates my throat and
occasionally keeps me from getting my kids’ colds.







6. Take vitamins: Because I have a pretty good regular diet, I don’t take vitamins in
other seasons, but in the winter I take a Vit B, D, fish oil and multi. I trust the
supplemnts from Dr. Frank Lipman. Why not get as much help as you can with
your immune system?






7. Splurge on a sauna: Going for an infrared Sauna is a wonderful splurge and one that is good for
your health. Benefits: infrared saunas are known for its’ weightloss benefits as well
as helping reduce blood pressure, improve circulation and pain relief.






8. Need I say workout?! That’s an obvious, but how to keep on the fitness tip?

Book a class, make a date with a friend, sleep in your workout clothes and
then set the alarm. Get it done in the morning. DO ALL OF THE ABOVE AT
THE SAME TIME. Stay accountable to your goals by sharing it with a friend or
health coach and have them check in on you. Consider this a non-negotiable
issue and be strict with yourself. It WILL get done and you’re going to do it.


9. Eat what is in season: Winter food is not going to make you fat if you are
smart about it. In fact, I’m always a little leaner in the winter because I drink
less and eat less ice cream. Yup! So make a French Lentil soup or a Chicken
Root Vegetable Stew. It seems and sounds hearty and heavy, but these winter
comfort foods can actually fill you up more easily with awesome fiber and
protein. Obviously if you are going hard on the mac ‘n cheese and beef
stroganoff, this tip ain’t gonna work for you. To help with this, my favorite
winter food recipes coming next week!!!

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