Butter Spice Salmon

This easy salmon recipe is sooo yummy and brings on all the seasonal spice so it certainly feels festive. With all the intense holiday dishes rolling around, give this lighter recipe a try – trust me, it’ll taste delish and make you feel 💯  I start by pan frying the salmon in ghee, then slow […]

Matcha Ricotta Cheesecake w/ Oreo Cookie Crust Recipe

Matcha Ricotta Cheesecake w Oreo Cookie Crust

Featuring Yoko quality culinary matcha Ricotta was last minute delicious addition honestly because i didn’t have enough cream cheese in the fridge, but it made this so light and fluffy! Same with the oreo cookies: all I had were the boys forgotten oreo cookies leftover in the pantry, but you can use oats, graham crackers, […]