Roasted Chicken


This past weekend I cooked for a 3-day immersive wellness weekend in Denver, Colorado hosted by my coach Nikki and yours truly. It was a massively magical weekend of healing, movement, community, incredible women, and my food of course 😉

On Saturday night I roasted FOUR chickens. I made my Salt + Sage Roasted Chicken, which is a staple in my life. I am not kidding when I say that I make it every single week. In addition to serving it for dinner, I love to prep and roast an extra bird so I have the wonderfully juicy and delicious meat left over for meal prep. Even cold, the roasted chicken’s breast beats a stand alone prepped breast by miles.

I demo’ed how to prepare the bird in this recipe for the entire group in Denver and I think they really appreciated it! Seeing the prep in real life really makes it feel doable, especially for those who are shy in the kitchen. Check out this throwback reel to see for yourself.

Anyway, the below recipe gets better with age (like some people ;). The chicken needs time to salt dry brine in the fridge. The best versions of this recipe are those birds I leave to brine for 2-3 days (I wouldn’t do more). So plan ahead. Salt two chickens on Monday to roast on Wednesday. Serve one for dinner then cut up and refrigerate the second for lunch or snacking later on in the week.

Hot Tips:


1 3.5-4 lb whole pasture raised organic chicken

10 sage leaves

rind of one lemon, zested or thinly sliced

Kosher salt


1 large red onion, sliced


Where to buy chicken:

I’m pretty particular about where I buy my chicken. I use a few online sources as well as my favorite local butcher.

Butcher Box

Pasture Bird

Of course, if you are in Miami, definitely check out my favorite local butcher Proper Sausage for more than just sausage but chickens, steaks, wine and local groceries.