I’m not exaggerating when I tell you I’ve gotten stopped by strangers, either in yoga class, following me out of a bakery, in passing on the sidewalk – already 3x in the past week, each one asking me what I do for my skin I promised each and everyone I’d give all the details.

(the above selfie is not awesome quality, but its from this morning, immediately post yoga with no makeup, unfiltered, untouched, etc – sorry about the ’80 reminiscent side pony and random pieces sticking out of nowhere)

Since I’m usually on the go, in a rush to get somewhere, I quickly give my number, IG or take theirs and promise these ladies that I’ll share all my skin care tips, routine and products very soon. So thank you strange random women who’ve stopped me to inquire, this post is for and inspired by you. 

On a side note:

I’m all about sharing my truth with other women, be it skincare, nutrition and even more personal matters. I don’t hold back much because I find it uplifting and supportive to give insight with the realness in the hopes it resonates or possibly helps others. However, I do have a serious problem with those in celebrity culture (JLo would be the worst offender) who act like they do nothing except moisturize and still look two decades younger. F#$% that, its a disservice to all women, humans really, to be dishonest about what you truly do behind closed doors or surgeons offices, in order to look media perfect. In my book it’s damaging and grossly unfair to us all. I have zero judgment about what you do to yourself to make you feel 100% and I would expect the same in return.

With that, here’s my list of what I do and use to have healthy glowing skin if I do say so myself, at age 48. It does NOT come without some effort, care and consistency. Some of the below is free, a few items are $$$ and then there’s everything in between. I’ve organized into three main sections: Lifestyle, Procedures/Treatments and Products.



I don’t need to expand here, we all know this is the biggest lever in having great skin. We recover not just our bodies but our skin when we get deep quality sleep. Skin IS the biggest organ we have after all. I see a massive change in my face when I’m sub 7 hrs, especially around my eyes and breakouts tend to happen. Its frustrating when I do my best to get sleep but the 4AM wake up time happens anyway. On those days I try to hydrate as much as possible, not rely on caffeine and fit in a restorative yoga nidra session if possible.


I’m lucky in that I burn easily. I say lucky because I’ve never been a sun worshiper for this reason: red and scaly isn’t cute on me. I have sensitive light skin, so I’ve worn sunscreen my entire life and am not the type to layout anyway. Living in South Florida I’ve been incredibly careful with the sun because I do spend a lot of time exercising and walking in nature. I also take a supplement called Astaxanthin which helps protect the skin from burning. I’ve noticed a real difference and don’t burn nearly as easily anymore since starting with it. See below for my favorite sunscreen.


as in body fat. It’s insane to think that just 7 weeks ago, during my last bodybuilding competition season, sitting at 9% body fat, I, according to my well meaning mother, looked like a “cadaver.” I mean my face was sunken in, skin was not glowing, wrinkles were showing up out of no where, and injectables did not stay in my face (due to my insane metabolism). In the 7 weeks since competing I’ve slowly and healthfully gained about 5-6 lbs back and what a tremendous difference it makes. My full round face has returned and I no longer look like a halloween costume mask. ESPECIALLY as we age being too lean is not going to be a good look for the skin and face. I’m not saying be overweight but maintain a healthy body fat to look your best – either extreme is not the goal. For dietary fat I rely primary on avocados, extra virgin olive oil and small fatty fish.


Exercise gets the blood circulating. I especially love my post yoga glow (photo above!) and I think getting upside down is the real flex. I always look flushed and fresh after yoga. The photo above is immediately post class at Modo Yoga in Miami Beach.I also walk for 1 hr+ every day and strength train 4x week. All of this has helped me balance my hormones tremendously, which, yup, helps with skin health.

Nutrition / Diet

I’ve cut down the sugar significantly this past year, in large part because of competition prep but also just being accountable to my coach’s nutrition plan. Sugar and alcohol make me look like ass – seriously puffy, especially under my eyes and cause breakouts. I am that vain that I’ll forgo the wine and dessert simply because I don’t want to look like a mess the next morning. It’s a choice of course, and I indulge 1-2x a week with either (wine or a treat), but certainly not on the daily. If you know anything about me, you know I’m on a whole food HOMEMADE diet 95% of the time with very very little processed foods which is also a major contributor to skin health. I can’t even imagine what I’d look like on the standard American diet because I’ve honestly never been on it. I also minimize dairy and gluten.


CO2 Laser

I’ve gotten lasers on my face in the last decade. Sometimes every other year but more recently 1x a year. There have been a lot of different lasers so you’ll have to ask my dermatologist for the details (she often uses multiple in one session). However, for the first time, in January of 2022 I got the CO2 laser all over my face and that was the biggest change I’ve seen to my skin quality out of everything and anything I’ve ever done in my life. This “mother load” of a laser is not just about the fine lines, but it targets skin quality, texture, clarity and unevenness. The downtime is significant – about a week – but there is nothing that will make such a huge change in my book. The length of recovery will 100% depend on how healthy you have been in the weeks or months leading up to the procedure. I had been on a competition prep (no alcohol or sugar, only clean protein, vegetables and carbs) in the months prior to getting the CO2, so my recovery was shockingly quick and easy.

I go to Dr. Waibel at Miami Dermatology and Laser Institute for laser and also injectables, she’s the Laser Queen. 


I don’t think I know any women my age who don’t do botox, ok maybe 1, so to say that botox is not in my arsenal would be a blatant lie. I’m a super fast metabolizer so sadly I have to go every 4 months or so. Apart from good old fashioned B, I’m all about Sculptra! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sculptra. It isn’t botox and it isn’t a filler, its an injectable that helps your skin produce or regenerate its OWN collagen. Its like miracle grow!!!

I go see Sandra for Sculptra – she’s incredible and a true artist with the face. Sandra has also done microneedling (with my own plasma) as well as V Peels on me with great results.


I have been getting facials about once every 2-3 months, but I WISH I could go monthly. For me, facials are just as much about “self care” as skin care. I love feeling like I am taking care of myself and putting my skin in the hands of experts who know exactly what treatment it needs. The massage, the oxygen, the derma planning, the masks – I love it all and the glow after is like none other. Lisa at Gee Beauty is my girl, I wouldn’t go to anyone else.

Red-light Therapy

I have a handheld device panel called Dpl IIa that I use at home 3-4x a week. It’s suppose to help with lines dryness and general complexion and I think it does! It also feels warm and I like to listen to a breathing / meditation app while I do it. 

One thing I want to try but have not is Ultherapy which is radio frequency tightening. I heard its pretty painful, but considering all the shit I’ve done to my face and the fact that I birthed two babies at the same time with minimal drugs, I bet I can handle it lol.


I’ve seriously paired down my products of late. Sometimes less is more. I also stopped wearing makeup during the day. Ok fine, maybe a swipe of mascara. But that’s about it.



I hope this helps!! You asked so I give 😉 NEVER ever hesitate to contact me with questions or comments. 

To all the women out there, I see you and I think you are all goddesses.